HTML, CSS and JavaScript

(Not forgetting JSPs and Struts)

At Misys I worked on Message Manager and Payment Manager, which collectively are a web app for managing financial messages. The GUI is written in JSPs using Struts. The HTML generated by those was, as you would expect, styled with CSS and manipulated with JavaScript.

I contributed to the development and maintenance of the product. The most interesting thing I worked on was probably when I added an auto-completion field, using Ajax to suggest possible values for an input field and refine it as the user typed.

A common enough feature in web apps nowadays, of course, but fairly challenging back in 2004 or so. And it used a Struts action class to return the data for the Ajax call. Who knew you could do that?

More recently I worked on a project to modernise the GUI, converting it from its 1990s, IE-only style to a much more attractive, browser independent version, based on Twitter Bootstrap.